Wyoming Rock Art

The specific meanings of the images seem less important to me than the awareness of humans passing through and leaving symbols of their passing

Share the Road, Wyoming Style

Cattle are coming down off summer pasture in the next month, or so. Scenes like this are common place in Wyoming. If you are just passing through, and you come across folks moving cattle down the road, please slow down. Way down. You can gently drive through the cattle, they’ll move out of your way….

People of the Past

I wasn’t looking for artifacts, I was just hiking along an old Wyoming two-track. Finding flakes and flake tools was not a surprise: artifacts are scattered all across the high plains of Wyoming, sometimes in surprising density, and sometimes, like this time, a single deposit. Medicine Lodge, a site in northern Wyoming, has been inhabited…

A Few Grey Hairs

Yes, he has a few grey hairs on his muzzle, but his eyes are just as keen as ever. He’s chased cattle and gathered sheep and has been my constant companion of late. He can’t speak, but he can talk. He talks with his eyes, or with his ears, and he’s been known to tap…


Uitwaaiend. The dutch word for “going out in the wind to clear your head.” Plenty of opportunity for that today in central Wyoming. Over the years I have developed a practice when those windy days start to get on my nerves. When I notice I am walking with my head down, sort of hunched over…

Heading into Winter

We’ve had some amazingly mild weather the last few days, with the forecast predicting days in the 60’s. It’s not rare to have these bursts of warm weather in October and November, but they are by no means dependable. It causes a kind of sneaky anxiety, knowing it won’t last and we are sure to…

Cowboy in Training

One of the most valuable aspects of rodeo is how skills are passed down from one generation to another. Oftentimes moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and grandparents are competing right alongside their children, nieces and nephews, or grandkids. Even if they aren’t competing on the same team, they are traveling together to events. Another asset of…

Owl Attack

My sister was out for an evening jog the other night, when a large bird swooped down on her head. She said it was like getting hit with a brick. She called me soon after it happened. I could hear a little shake in her voice. We wondered about what kind of bird it was….

Curious Pronghorn

During the Pronghorn’s brief mating season in September,  they are a little less wary and getting a decent photo is a bit more likely.  Even so, they are usually heading over the hill by the time I get my camera out. A quick little whistle can often make them stop and look back.