Links of Interest

University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service This site is a must if you live in Wyoming and are interested in gardening, rural life, farming, crops or animals, but its appeal is much broader. It contains good information on a wide range of topics, including family finances and nutrition. Visit the site and browse through the tabs. You’ll see what I mean.

University of Idaho’s Native Plant Network A great resource about growing  native plants from around the world. The propagation protocols provide reliable information on propagating natives from seed, cuttings, etc.

Plant List from BLM Wyoming Browse the alphabetical listing of Wyoming species. Most of the links lead to the US Plants Database, but when looking for information, it can be helpful to start with a list of plants known to be in the state.

Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine A fledgling online magazine showing a lot of promise.  Articles cover living in Wyoming, community efforts, health, recreation, design and business.

Western Native Seed Co. So far the best source I have found for native plant seeds suitable to Wyoming.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link! We greatly appreciate it. This is a really interesting blog — I’m excited to follow you! Nice to meet you! Kati Hime, Editor Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine

    1. wyominglife says:

      Hi Kati!

      Thanks for visiting. I try to link to quality, topically similar info for my someday-hoped-for readership, and Wyoming Lifestyle certainly fits that description. I especially enjoy the photos and community stories. Keep up the good work!

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