Owl Attack

My sister was out for an evening jog the other night, when a large bird swooped down on her head. She said it was like getting hit with a brick. She called me soon after it happened. I could hear a little shake in her voice. We wondered about what kind of bird it was….

Curious Pronghorn

During the Pronghorn’s brief mating season in September,  they are a little less wary and getting a decent photo is a bit more likely.  Even so, they are usually heading over the hill by the time I get my camera out. A quick little whistle can often make them stop and look back.

Pronghorn: Icon of Wyoming

Perfectly adapted to the sage brush steppe, Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana, is an iconic wildlife species of Wyoming. Visitors are often surprised when they see pronghorn, saying they “look like something from Africa.” Pronghorn are the second fastest land mammal on the planet, able to reach speeds exceeding 50 mph. Sagebrush is a staple of their…

Pink is the New Orange

A number of laws were passed in this last session of the Wyoming legislature. One of those being that fluorescent pink is now acceptable as hunting attire. I’m actually glad about this. Not because I love pink, but because last hunting season it was hot, and all my blaze orange is for cold weather. I…

The Borrowed Days

This year March is spilling over into April. I grew up with the farmer’s lore regarding March “coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb” and vice versa, but this March the lion has been greedy, occupying the coming, the going, and then some. Irish folklore tells of March borrowing three days from April to…

Boys in the Hood

With low light, a zoom lens, and no tripod there wasn’t much chance of a stellar shot, but I thought you might enjoy the “boys” I’ve been seeing every morning. For those unfamiliar with agriculture in the Rocky Mountain West, it’s worth mentioning that it is estimated 80% of Wyoming’s native animals depend on private…

Well That’s Frustrating

Frustrating if you’re hunting elk, that is. These elk found a safe spot as elk season opened a few days ago. They have situated themselves on private land with a highway on two sides and houses on the third, it’s illegal to take a shot under these circumstances and they seem to know it.

The Deer and the Antelope Play

While the antelope spend most of their time in the lower elevation sagebrush steppe, the mule deer spend this time of year in a variety of habitats. Driving along some brushy, deep creek bottoms and riparian areas I witnessed the muleys in their pre-rut frolicking. The “rut” is the period when the males are actively…

Take a Break

Grab a cup of coffee- or your preferred beverage- sit back, and watch this video to see some of the most spectacular footage of northwest Wyoming featuring fascinating and intelligent content regarding elk migration.

Sage Grouse Viewing

March and April mark the mating period for Greater Sage Grouse. The males’ sunrise courting display is very unique and takes place on an open piece of ground called a lek. the males and females return to the lek every year for mating. The males strut and puff up their chests by inflating air sacs….

Unseen Wildlife

I often see the evidence of wildlife which have passed through. I always feel a little bit embarrassed, as if I was late to some special occasion. Those elk tracks are from yesterday and I’m a day late. That bobcat was on a hunt last night, but I was sleeping. If only I’d walked through…