Owl Attack

My sister was out for an evening jog the other night, when a large bird swooped down on her head. She said it was like getting hit with a brick. She called me soon after it happened. I could hear a little shake in her voice. We wondered about what kind of bird it was….

Curious Pronghorn

During the Pronghorn’s brief mating season in September,  they are a little less wary and getting a decent photo is a bit more likely.  Even so, they are usually heading over the hill by the time I get my camera out. A quick little whistle can often make them stop and look back.

Falling Yellow

As summer winds down and fall approaches, the majority of wildflowers are shades of yellow.

Pink is the New Orange

A number of laws were passed in this last session of the Wyoming legislature. One of those being that fluorescent pink is now acceptable as hunting attire. I’m actually glad about this. Not because I love pink, but because last hunting season it was hot, and all my blaze orange is for cold weather. I…

The Borrowed Days

This year March is spilling over into April. I grew up with the farmer’s lore regarding March “coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb” and vice versa, but this March the lion has been greedy, occupying the coming, the going, and then some. Irish folklore tells of March borrowing three days from April to…

Polo and Cowboy Hats

Despite the  extreme haze from wildland fires, I managed to get a few  good shots of the happenings at Don King Days 2017. The annual event takes place at the Big Horn Equestrian Center, in Big Horn, Wyoming where the polo field is a spectacle in and of itself. Outside of a golf course, it’s…

Take a Break

Grab a cup of coffee- or your preferred beverage- sit back, and watch this video to see some of the most spectacular footage of northwest Wyoming featuring fascinating and intelligent content regarding elk migration.

Deep Soul Happy

My friend uses the expression “deep soul happy” about the things that bring on that certain indescribable sense of contentment. For me it has to do with a place in nature where the only man made sounds are the voices of loved ones. The distant laughter of my kids brings the deep-soul-happy to my mother…

I Fancy It’s Springtime in the Rockies*

“Warm sunny days, endless skies of blue, then without a warning another winter storm comes raging through” is a line in the song Springtime in Alberta by Ian Tyson. It’s a common phenomena throughout the Rockies. The native plants and animals are adapted to these quick changes. The grass is turning green: Just in time…

FINALLY, Some Snow

Last year El Nino resulted in a very dry winter. The effects lingered through our summer and fall. Finally, a ski-able snow. I hadn’t been able to ski on the hay meadows for two years, until yesterday, that is. The short term forecast predicts temps in the fifties today, so good bye (again) snow!

Most Photographed Mountains?

I don’t know if it’s true, but the Tetons might just be the most photographed mountains in North America. A convenient turn out on the highway running south into Jackson Hole is the place where most folks stop to photograph the Tetons and this past weekend I was one of  thousands. A quick run through…