Struggling Plants

The sedums are doing great. Some are even in partial shade and they seem to be thriving. But some of my plants seem awful small for July,and I notice some insect damage

I suspected a night time feeder. A quick trip with my flashlight tonight confirmed it. Earwigs and sowbugs. Oh the joy.

A quick trip to the UW Cooperative Extension site publication page tells me what insecticides will take em out. I usually go for the low impact control methods, but I don’t have  high moisture or moisture retaining mulch in my beds, so those control options won’t work.

I still suspect something is feeding on the roots of the Impatiens, or it could just be my low organic matter soil. I’m not big on liquid fertilizer, but I’ll give ’em a dose. I don’t think Impatiens will be part of my landscaping plan next year. I bought them on a whim eager to try anything shade tolerant as per my July 25 post.

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  1. WyoLife says:

    An update on my insect saga. Every once in awhile procrastination pays off. I kept pushing the trip to the store for insecticide off, and low and behold, I also noticed a slow comeback on my beleaguered plants. I wasn’t surprised to see new leaf growth, but the new leaves didn’t seem to be getting chewed as much as previously.

    Another night time check only revealed what I would consider a “normal” amount of earwigs and sowbugs. My only guess is to chalk one up for the Robins! I notice they like my flower beds and seem busy picking up things I can’t see.

    I much prefer this method of control.

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