Musgrave Speaks at Wyoming Lego League

The First Lego League Wyoming state competition kicked off tonight with a talk from Story Musgrave.

Mr. Musgrave has led a very interesting life. Thirty some years with NASA, more flight time in a Northrop T38 than anyone else on the planet, and six space flights. He oversaw the maintenance of the Hubble Space Telescope (until it drifted beyond reach) beginning in 1975. He never finished high school, but later in life returned to university to earn seven advanced degrees.

But for me, and at least some in the Wyoming audience, what I liked best about his story was that he was born on a large dairy farm and lived and worked there until his teens. He repeatedly commented that his farm work mentality has served him very well at NASA. While in space, he used come-alongs on the doors of Hubble.

Only a farm boy could get away with that!

BTW he owns a 1944 ‘Red’ (Farmall), three ‘Greens’ (Deeres) and ‘an Orange.’  He hinted that his loyalty lies with the ‘reds.’  He said, “That 1944 will never break.”

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