Wolves in Wyoming

It’s certainly a tinderbox topic. Raise the subject of wolves in Wyoming around any dinner table and you’ll hear very passionate opinions.

I have to say, I’m not up to speed on the controversy. As a student at the University of Wyoming, I attended some of the early discussions and meetings regarding the reintroduction and subsequent management of wolves in Yellowstone. Even then, I was struck by the chasm of conviction between various parties for or against.

If anything, the emotions have gotten stronger and the language more vitriolic. I purposed to get myself up to speed on this topic about which friends and neighbors are so opinionated, but I have a problem.

I can’t find an objective source for education.

Forget about blogs and forums. Long standing personal rivalries rule there. Name calling, condescension, anthropomorphism and arrogance is all I found there – on both sides of the issue.

The Wyoming Game and Fish website might be good for background information, but their ‘latest news’ is from 2008.

Similarly, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife website’s latest wolf recovery status report is dated 2008, but there are updated news releases. I’ll be checking there.

The Society for Range Management’s national meetings had a wolf session. Maybe I’ll find some objectivity there.

Any ideas on OBJECTIVE resources?

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