Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming

The spillway began to flow this past Monday, four or five days ahead of the predicted spill.  Many parts of Wyoming are poised for flash floods and flooding in river ways.

Wyoming has some of the highest May snowpacks ever recorded.  The high snow pack numbers are a result of two things; the actual high snowfall over the late winter, and the cool temperatures we have been having which are keeping the snow pack high for this time of year. Either way you look at it, we need a slow warm up so the melt waters come off over a longer period of time. Read the full article here.

Here are the snowpack percentages when compared to May historical averages for the major drainages of Wyoming:

Snake River  221%

Upper Yellowstone  176%

Wind River  207%

Big Horn  197%

Shoshone River  155%

Powder – Tongue  306%

Upper North Platte  220%

Lower North Platte  200%

Little Snake River  247%

Upper Green River  238%

Lower Green River  234%

Upper Bear River  350%

Extreme weather and record breaking conditions seem to be on the rise in many parts of the world.

It’s getting my attention.

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