Young Fly Fisherman

Young Fly Fisher
My son learning to fly fish in the Bighorn Mountains this past June. Summer had not yet reached these elevations. Those cool  skies and snowy peaks sure look good in this hot, dry July.

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  1. sandy says:

    What a nice shot! And a great art to learn. My husband started fly fishing about that age, here in Maine. I didn’t realize until my two grandsons moved to Casper, Wy this spring how many fly fishing stream you had out there. I hope they take it up. They do love to fish.

    1. wyominglife says:

      Well, chalk up another small world story.

      Yes, Wyoming has great fly fishing. The North Platte River, which runs right through Casper, has some blue ribbon trout sections with large numbers of big trout. The best part is that you can still have a mostly solitary fishing experience- no crowds – especially if you can go out on the river on a weekday. There are a few places in Casper where you can rent a boat and go out on your own, and more than a few where you can hire a guide, etc.

      I like the idea that my kids can start on something like this and enjoy it for the rest of their lives. The son in the pic won that fly rod at a raffle, so it took very little money to get into the sport.

      1. sandy says:

        The boys have discovered the River, and the Miracle Mile. I am impressed, too. I see good times for all. Winning a rod is a great start for fisherman! My father in law tied flies, and taught my husband and his brother to fish when they were young. It is such an artful hobby!

      2. wyominglife says:

        Glad to hear they are enjoying it. It’s been so hot, the river is a good place to be!

        I agree, there is a lot of art involved in tying flies and fly fishing.

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