New Forest Fire on Casper Mountain

We were so close to getting through this fire season without a wildfire on Casper Mountain. This afternoon a large plume of smoke rose steadily from the mountain. It seems to have erupted very quickly, probably the result of steady winds. Right now, as the sun sets, the wind is dying down and we are hoping and praying this gives firefighters time to get a jump on the fire.

Casper Mountain Fire Sept 9, 2012

There are many private homes and cabins up there. I’ve heard the East End Road and Crimson Dawn area are being evacuated. A friend with a cabin near Bear Trap Meadow tells me the fire is southeast of Bear Trap, moving in an easterly direction.

In 2006 we had a significant fire on the west end of Casper Mountain. The area is very rugged and fire fighting efforts were no match for the terrain, winds, and heavy fuels. It got everyone’s attention and many are aware the forest on the east end is ripe for fire and fuel loads are high.

There has been a concerted effort to help homeowners on Casper Mountain learn how to protect their property with firebreaks, etc. I was on the mountain Friday and I could see that many land owners had thinned the trees and brush around their cabins.

So tonight we are praying for all the folks evacuating the mountain, the firefighters and first responders, that you will all be safe.

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  1. We are also fighting a fire here in Jackson just on the other side of Snow King, possible evacuation of east Jackson is being pondered…

    1. wyominglife says:

      Hi Tim, I’ve been thinking of your family. I saw some images of the fire(s) near Jackson this morning. They are so widespread. I can’t even imagine evacuating Jackson Hole, there aren’t many avenues in or out of your town.

      Would you be a part of that evacuation?

      As for Casper Mtn, I’m just about to update my blog. It blew up today in a very dramatic way, growing by ten times in less than ten hours.

      It is an astounding site.

      1. Hey – thank you for your thoughts. I think we may get away with this one. It appears that it is moving to the east and north. The fire fighters have drawn a line in the sand at the ridge of Snow King and I think they are killing it. God bless these guys for sure… They have done a spectacular job!

      2. wyominglife says:

        Indeed! It’s hard to imagine what they do until you see a forest fire up close. I have been a firefighter on a few small fires, but when a fire starts behaving crazy it is a whole different ball game. Then you have the smoke jumpers who drop down in to the most inaccessible areas sometimes completely dependent on air support to even know which way the fire is moving in respect to their position- they really deserve our unending thanks.

        Glad there is no evacuation in your immediate future!

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