Join Governor Mead to Discuss Wyoming Energy Policy

Wyoming mooseWyoming Governor Matt Mead’s website states, “Wyoming needs an energy plan that balances development with the environment—that incorporates open space and clear skies with jobs and economic progress.”

Governor Mead has drafted over 70 energy strategy initiatives covering four main themes:

  • Economic Competitiveness, Expansion and Diversification;
  • Efficient, Effective Regulation;
  • Natural Resource Conservation, Reclamation, and Mitigation; and
  • Education, Innovation and New Technologies.

He now invites Wyoming citizens to join the discussion via online webinars (Google events) this Thursday and Friday, December 6th and 7th. The webinars can be accessed via the Wyoming Energy Strategy page. They begin at 1pm and run through the afternoon of the 6th, and all day on the 7th.

You can also make your thoughts known through December 14th by filling out initiative surveys related to the four themes listed above.  Each survey only takes about 15 minutes.

Wyomingites, let your voice be heard.

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