Cacophony Unheard

After crossing Togwotee Pass, the first glimpse of the Teton Range is full of impact. The view of these  ‘young’ mountains then goes out of site, only to hit you at closer range.

The Tetons are massive, and their size is emphasized by their abrupt rise from the plains containing the sinuous, meandering Snake River.

The Tetons are rock, sure enough, but they bring about impressions of motion, fluidity, exertion, and energy; the aftermath of their rise as huge slabs of the Earth’s crust are pushed and shoved by forces much greater than anything man can contrive.

It’s hard to brush aside descriptives like chaotic, pitching, reaching, tumultuous…. and indeed the Tetons are still rising.

The Tetons are like white capped waves of granite.

tetons togwotee pass jackson wyoming
The first glimpse of the Tetons as you leave Togwotee Pass behind
teton geology fault block
When you see the Tetons at closer range you sense the movement in their making.
teton mountains summer
Tetons in the Summer
tetons wyoming
On snowy days you may not believe the 13k peaks are there.

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  1. wyominglife says:

    Here’s a great video depicting the geologic forces which created the Tetons and Jackson Hole.

  2. Maybelline says:

    Flippin’ awesome.

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