Revegetation Efforts Should Focus on Native Plant Species

Propagating native plants in volumes large enough to produce commercial quantities of native seed is not always an easy, or inexpensive task, but using native plant species in revegetation efforts on federal and state lands should be the norm, not the exception.  This National Forest in Michigan is taking the needed long range approach to reseeding what may seem like small, insignificant disturbances, such as roadway culverts.  It only makes sense to me to support the native vegetation types in our national forests, even on the small projects. Doing nothing usually results in the presence of non-native plants that can be surprisingly difficult to control once they get established. Reseeding with plants not found in the area is to not appreciate the aesthetic or habitat value of the resource.

In Wyoming, large scale reclamation of mined lands, pipelines, oil and gas fields, and wind farms produces a significant need for native plant seeds.  There has even been a shift towards reseeding appropriate natives along new road construction instead of the old  Crested Wheatgrass monocultures.

Texas adopted the practice of reseeding  new road construction with native flowering plants many years ago, thanks mostly due to Lady Bird Johnson.  Flowering native plants along our highways and byways provide beauty for the traveler and wildlife habitat for native birds, insects, and small mammals.


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  1. Reseeding has been a huge success here in Texas. Springtime is a gorgeous feast of bluebonnets and other wildflowers along the highways.

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