Rookie Photographer

After having my DSLR camera for more than a year, I’ve decided it’s time to delve into its finer capabilities, ie, quit using all the auto features. I used to do a pretty ok job back in the day before digital, setting my own aperture and shutter speed, but it’s been awhile and digital has its own idiosyncrasies compared to film.

One of the scenarios where I get consistently mediocre results are shots in the snow. The colors are just never quite right. So, while fooling around with setting and such I shot these images of our horses running through the snow (my nemesis: action AND high glare snow). While the results were not what I hoped for, I ended up liking the effect of the blurry movement.

I’ll keep trying. It sure beats worrying about how much film I’m gobbling up.

wyoming horseshorses wyoming snowwyoming winter horses

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  1. Congrats on moving past auto mode! And I do like the blur. Nice job and cute ponies. I learned a lot photographing horses for many years. 🙂

    1. wyominglife says:

      Thanks for stopping by!

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