Up to the Task

line back dunHe’s been enjoying the faux spring of Wyoming: day time temperatures in the 50’s, the grass is turning  green, and the robins are singing. He’s feeling the sun on his hide. He’s feeling the green grass. A renewed, jaunty zing in his step. A renewed sense of energy and power.

He’s no “dead head.” He’s “touchy” by nature, but I can’t resist. You couldn’t knock him off his feet if you tried. His hooves are black hard and up to any rocky terrain.  His legs are straight and strong. He’s quick and confident. He’s aloof, but curious.

He’s full of himself, and he’s got me a little worried.

It’s not that he doesn’t like humans, it’s just that he’s not sure he can trust me.

“I’m not the bad guy who made you distrust humans. Really. I’m for you, not against you.”

He doesn’t believe me, yet. If he let’s me in, if I can prove myself to him, it will be a forever bond. I’ve had that bond in the past. It was a partnership in the truest sense. I want that again.

I hope I’m up to the task.

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