Spring Time in Wyoming

Photo http://www.nps.gov

Regardless of the dry, dry weather. Spring is here. The first birds to return to my locale are the Mountain Bluebirds. They’ve been here for almost a month. Their cheerful deep blue and sky blue feathers are a treat to behold.As the summer progresses, we watch them dart and dive after insects. It’s satisfying to watch them feast on the mosquito population!

Photo by Kevin Cole, Flickr

The real harbinger of spring for many Wyomingites, however, is the state bird, the Western Meadowlark. It’s distinct song is the hallmark of warmer weather.

In honor of the changing seasons, I have replaced my header image with a photo of Phlox (multiflora?) the lowland version, Phlox hoodii, is one of the first native wild flowers to bloom.

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