Gotta Be Tough

Spring time in Wyoming is defined by rapid changes in weather. The sun may shine, or it might rain or snow, or rain AND snow, all in the same day. Wet spring snows usually melt quickly into the warming ground. They may be inconvenient, but it’s good to know the earth is getting watered after a very dry winter.


Calves have to be tough to thrive in our high elevation spring weather. A good mother cow will get her newborn calf cleaned off, warmed up, and on his feet to nurse within the hour of his birth to ensure his survival.


Our native vegetation is amazingly adapted to our wild Wyoming climate. For the gardener, choosing plants based on hardiness zones isn’t a guarantee of the plant’s survival. While many plants can withstand the winter lows (the basis for hardiness zones), not as many can survive the erratic swings in temperature or late spring frosts.

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