Most Photographed Mountains?

I don’t know if it’s true, but the Tetons might just be the most photographed mountains in North America. A convenient turn out on the highway running south into Jackson Hole is the place where most folks stop to photograph the Tetons and this past weekend I was one of  thousands.

A quick run through the area didn’t leave any time to explore other, less common, vantage points. The mountains were broody with a storm when I visited. I’m not disappointed with the view, no matter how common the perspective. dsc_0534dsc_0538dsc_0521

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  1. Mind Margins says:

    The Tetons are beautiful no matter what the weather. We camped once in the range opposite to them and it was amazing to see how they changed throughout he day.

    1. wyominglife says:

      It’s true with a lot of landscapes- how the light changes brings a new view every hour, but with the Tetons it seems amplified. Maybe its all that solid granite and the way it reflects the light. I don’t know, but I’ve felt the same thing. A person can just sit and watch the light play on the Tetons.

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