Eclipse Hooplah

If you live in Wyoming, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of references to Wyoming and the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  In case you’ve been living under a rock ( a hunk of Jade, in this case), that’s because the path of totality will be directly across Wyoming. There’s been all kinds of hooplah regarding this event: from giddy ecstasies about how this will be a windfall for small Wyoming towns with the influx of tourists and their dollars, to proclamations of doom regarding the breakdown of service networks. My hope is  that it will be a great, once in a life time event, then things will get back to small town Wyoming speed.
Solar Eclipse Path 2017Anyway, there are plenty of websites showing the path of the eclipse, but I’m always leery about the accuracy. I only have a few hours to get to a viewing site (not all offices will be closed on August 21) so I will only be able to make it to just inside the totality path. I can’t afford to be wrong about my viewing spot. For that reason I look for authoritative sources for my eclipse viewing planning. I recommend the NASA site for information on the eclipse. If you have ArcGIS you can download NASA’s shapefile of the eclipse path and feel confident you’ll be in a good spot for viewing.

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