A Very Wet Spring

Just coming out of what has to be one of the wettest springs in Central Wyoming history. You can see precip data at the Water Resource Data System (WRDS.)   All the numbers for the lower North Platte are close to, or over, 100%.

The North Platte is still full bank to bank, and if you live near the river you may be experiencing water in your basement as the ground water reflects the full river.

Pathfinder Dam SpillwayIf you haven’t gone out to see the spillway on Pathfinder dam, you’re not too late. It’s still flowing more than it has in over 25 years. Our own little Niagra Falls. When we went out to see it, I felt like I was in a bona fide tourist attraction. Cars were coming and going in the parking area. There was  a steady stream of onlookers. Quite a change from the solitary experience more common to hikers in central Wyoming.

Pathfinder Dam Spillway Wyoming

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