County Fairs

I’m usually surprised when I realize there are some kids in central Wyoming who have had no contact with farm animals. At a recent 4h event for kindergartners, a few kids couldn’t identify goats or ponies. I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m a fan of county fairs.

County fairs are family friendly events where kids can see all sorts of farm animals up close. They also get the added benefit of seeing other kids care for and show those animals. It’s a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to teach the kids about farming and ranching and how that food magically appears in the refrigerator.

Agriculture is a big part of life in Wyoming, and I just feel better knowing our future leaders have at least some understanding of what agriculture means to us. Baxter Black said it well: “Our culture expends a great deal of effort on future NBA stars, astronauts, environmental lawyers, doctors, and political science majors.

But for every 100 rock stars, Rhoads scholars and Heisman trophy winners our country produces, we better make sure we spend enough to train at least two future farmers so the rest of them can eat.”

Read the whole article by Baxter Black here.

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