Ground Cover Antennaria Has Low Water Requirement

Native Antennaria Ground Cover
Native Plants such as this Antennaria spp., are adapted to low amounts of water and make great landscaping plants.

It’s hard to beat Antennaria for a ground cover in dry areas. Antennaria, also known as Pussy Toes, has flowers which resemble cats’ paws. This native plant is very drought tolerant and makes a beautiful ground cover around pavers and rocks.

The species shown is Antennaria microphylla with its wonderfully silvery grey mat forming leaves. In the garden it shoots up masses of flower heads 8 to 10 inches above the mat in early June. 

The flowering stems can be cut down after the flowers fade or left for fall and winter interest. If you decide to cut them, try drying them in bundles hanging up side down. They make wonderful everlastings and wreaths.

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