Look to Nature for Natives

Landscaping with native plants lends itself to a looser form of planning. Although some native species are suited to the formal garden, I prefer to place  native plants in a garden setting which reflects the essence and uniqueness of the surrounding native landscape.

Native plant gardens don’t have to look “wild” in the sense that they look haphazard or sloppy. Actually, if you look closely at the rangelands and habitats of our Wyoming natives, you will see beautiful balance and surprising little vignettes of stunning simplicity.

The next time you’re out walking or hiking, try to pay attention to the way a plant gracefully drapes over a rock, snuggles into a crevice, marches up a slope, or forms itself into natural bonsai….

Native plant draping over rocksNative Rabbitbrush and Winged BeautyNative Violets in the RocksAnaphalis Marches Below TreesLimber Pine on Ridge

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