First Snow

Yesterday we awoke to the first dusting of snow on Casper Mountain. It’s right on time. We usually see our first higher elevation snow by October 15.  It  heralds the coming of winter, but it won’t be a slow, steady, predictable arrival. In Wyoming the changing of seasons usually happens in fits and starts.

First Snow WyomingI remember the fall of  1999 when we got over a foot of snow the second week of October. It was a wet, heavy snow that took down the power lines bringing electricity to the outlying areas southwest of town. We were three days without power, and remembered the practicality of old fashioned fireplaces: The kind with no electric fans or spiffy gas logs with electronic switches.  We had plenty of fresh water, and even if we ran out of the bottled variety, we had snow to melt, or the creek out back and firewood for boiling.  It was good to know we could survive for an extended time without power of any kind.

True to Wyoming’s defiance of predictable weather,  five weeks later, on the weekend before Thanksgiving my two year old was playing in the sprinkler in the yard under sunny skies and mid 70 degree temps. If Wyoming does nothing else for  you it will regularly remind you of your inability to control nature. Adaptability becomes a very useful skill here.

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  1. Nice pic Karen! We were in Bozeman Montana this weekend shopping at Costco. Came back through the Park (Yellowstone) and the snow that had fallen a day earlier was all over the place. Today it is snowing in the mountains above Jackson Hole and raining steadily here in town. You are soo right about our weather patterns here in Wyoming – but weather is a wonderful thing! Just asks those who live in Phoenix or Dallas. Soo little rain but lots of heat. Seasons are something everyone should be able to enjoy! Come visit Wyoming!

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